What's New

What's New - 2019

The following is information about current updates and upcoming projects for Castle Ridge:

2019 Updates & Projects

  1. Castle Ridge has selected USI Insurance Services to provide the Association's Master Insurance Policy. If any homeowner gets a request from the mortgage company for Evidence of Insurance, you can download the USI Insurance Document for more inforamtion, contact EOIDirect at 877-456-3643 or visit their website www.eoidirect.com.
  2. The Association and Management are no longer recommending vendors in the community as some vendors have not been suitable or charge high fees. However, we do recommend that when hiring a contractor you obtain three bids from three different contractors to ensure you have adequate information before hiring a contractor to perform work. Homeowners who hire a contractor to perform work must supply management with a copy of your contractor’s insurance naming Castle Ridge, C.A., Inc. and Towne & Country Management as additional insureds. The contractor must be registered by the State of New Jersey. Most contractors will provide free estimates.